Monday, April 11, 2011

Well, those were angry. Now weren't they?

That was two years ago.  At the time, my initial thought was to blog and keep a diary on my quest to get published.  I still haven't hit the big timne yet, but I'm still trying.  I think I'll keep this as a sort of diary towards this quest.  It probably won't interest anyone much but, hey, I've had this for two years and have exactly two followers.  Of course, I havn't touched this thing for two years either.  Joining Facebook finally and adding a Twitter account should help get the word out. 

Recently, I did the best thing ever to forward my writing career by attending the Missouri Writer's Guild annual conference.  While there, I attended several seminars and networked.  Did a little bit of writing and drank a little beer.  I felt inspired the weeks leading up to the conference and this wave hasn't even finished cresting yet.  I'm doing all these things agents talked about all weekend:  tightening up my novel, Facebooking, Tweeting, blogging.  Networking.  I may begin reading submissions for a local literary magazine called Quiddity as the founding editor and I discussed this.  She said she'd love to have me on.  I'll just wait and see now.  I hope this will work out.

I've ceased work momentarily on my second novel, The Indwelling while I tighten up the first novel.  I'm extremely excited about The Indwelling, just focusing on immediate needs.  So far I've cut my first novel, Honor Thy Mother by about 2000 words.  My goal is to get it down from 102,000 to 80,000 words.  But I'll settle for 90.  So I'll be updating my blog on that progress as well.

Things i need to be doing:

tightening novel 1
finishing novel 2
submitting more short stories
using all my internet tools
reading more


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