Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rejection, then Acceptance, of a sort

Yesterday morning I awoke to a rejection for Honor Thy Mother.  Good Morning!  I told myself, as I normally do, that this is nothing to be alarmed with.  But this one bothered me.  A lot.  I had met with the them two weeks before, gotten on well--seemed like a good pairing.  But in the end the writing wasn't good enough.  Apparently.  It rattled me bad to get rejected.  I never believed they would publish me though, not really.  I simply wanted to set a framework for the future, make connections, feel like a writer.  And for two days at the conference I did.  It's more the nature of the rejection that hit me--the typical form letter.  I had felt...something above this I guess.  Consider it a lesson learned.  1. this is a reminder that it's a business based on skill, luck, timing, and personal preference.  I stand by my novel. That being said, I've decided to continue cutting the novel down.  By lunch, I decided to continue writing on The Indwelling.  By bedtime I received some fruit of my labor when I received an invite to be on the masthead of a local lit magazine called "Quiddity".  Ironically, they'd turned down a story of mine that was later published by another mag.  And now I'm reading for them.  My day was like a decent little story.  It started in the middle of something and looped back to the beginning. 

I'm past the 99000 word mark on HTM and over the 25000 word mark on Indwelling.  Have an idea for a meta-fiction short story, my last meta was published as referenced above, and have my settled on what my next novel will be--the revamping of my first book ever written but hidden away for years called, over- dramatically enough, Forevermore.

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