Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hello, blog.  Actually, it's more like a diary, save for the one comment I received.  Wow!  Sadly, it made me happy to see that, yes!, it is read sometime.  I've given up keeping score.  Put it this way, when it rains it pours (perhaps my usage of cliches keeps me from print).  Sometimes, you get rejected--a lot.  Sometimes, you get published a lot.  I got published twice this month.  The unfortunate aspect of this is that it's the same story.  TOM FORD, THE GIRL, AND REJECTION.  The e-zines that are publishing it don't care if it's accepted in another publication.  But here's the thing:  I wouldn't care anyway.  If you're not paying me, i have no sense of loyalty to you and I'm out for number one.  I fill up your pages or your site and you don't pay me? 

Sure, I'm bitching--after getting published.  Can't please me?  No.  I'll be pleased when I get a novel published.  And get paid.  Of course, an agent or publishing house aren't going to knock my door down to publish me.  Maybe submitting will help.
Yes, I still operate this blog.  Sometimes.