Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IV: A New Hope

For those savvy in geekdom, I've titled my 4th post in honor of Episode IV:  A New Hope (Star Wars).  I don;t really know why.  It's not even an anniversary of any type.

Anyhow, cut 200 words in Honor Thy Mother taking it down to 100,633--I'm getting to my goal.  I think it reads better.  Today was the first day I checked out my agent urged Facebook page.  i guess I can see how it's addictive.  I can stop.  i can.  okay, i'm not addicted and I also just determined i'm going to stop capping "i".  if i get published i'll start being official when referencing myself. for now i'm just a little i. 


Created some writing rules for myself which will apply to The Indwelling.  I am calling it my writing bank.  I have to maintain a positive balance.  Here's how it works.  I read once that Stephen King writes 10 pages a day.  When you're writing 10 pages of crap a day this can be easy.  I'm not trying to use 2 pages to describe a leaf.  I only have time to commit to writing of any length on the weekend nights when my family is in bed.  My goal is to write 6 quality pages a week.  Sometimes through week I might find a half hour of spare time.  Maybe I write a page--this counts towards my account.  The following weekend I'd still owe 5 pages.  If I meet my 6 pages through the week I can, in theory, take the weekend off.  I don't know why this works, but it does.  Week one I wrote 10 pages throughout the week leaving me with a +4 excess for the weekend.  This was the weekend I went to the conference.  I still wrote, on other projects though.  This is week 2 of my bank program.  I'll have to see if this little mental holds through another week.  i hope so.  A writer with a family and bust schedule always needs a prod, even when it feels like the spare quiet time could be best spent watching The Apprentice.  I hate that show but watched instead of writing once before simply because it was on and i was tired. 

No rejections received today!  A good day!  Better would be an acceptance or request for pages.  Oh well.

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