Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The sobering effect of Facebook

You get on Facebook....everyone wants to be your friend.  You find yourself getting friend requests day and night--do these potential frineds ever sleep--you are the new kid at school.  Everyone is intrigued by your likes and dislikes, what your doing these days.  That lasts about 2 weeks and then, suddenly, it slows.  Like a night of partying at an end, everything ceases to be fun and you just want to quit this party.  Facebook sobers you.  All those folks you were curious about, turns out they're life is about as uninteresting as your own.  Sure, some have dreams like you.  When it all boils down, however, everybody is mainly into themselves.  What witty comment can be made?  What funny video can one take credit for posting?  Will someone "like" something I've posted?  How many?  Ah, this long standing denouncement of Facebook has come at an end.  BUT only because it was strongly urged again and again and again by agents and fellwo writers at a conference.  Well, I'm on and sobered.  I'd feel a bit concerened mocking Facebook, but I'm gonna risk it.  I'm banking on the fact that no one actually reads this.  Actually, I've been considering journaling my bowel movements.  You know, just to see.

Anyhow, I've cut Honor Thy Mother down past the 100,000 words!

As a reward, I'm spending lunch tomorrow working on The Indwelling.  Got to get to work on the page bank.  I'd like to watch "Black Swan" this weekend.  I've been trying to watch it for weeks now.

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  1. I just started reading based on your FB post, although I do agree with your rant about it. You could journal about your bowel movements if you made it interesting. It worked for Burroughs!