Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cursed Submissions?

Last year a story of mine entitled "Dementia"  (never published) was received well.  I can't remember the magazine.  That was B.S--before spreadsheet.  The ed. said it moved her, said it was one of the best stories she'd ever read about ageing.  She had some minor problems with the ending dialogue and wanted me tag the speakers a bit better.  I was happy and immediaetly fixed it up per her request.  She had mentioned she was going into the hospital but to contact her in the fall, by Oct, for the winter issue.

And then she died.

I got an email that without her the mag was no more.  OF COURSE her death is sad.  But let's be honest...I was devestated for other reasons.  I'd waited with bated breath for October and sent it to her.  In December I got the news.  Merry X-mas for me.  Right?  I know that sounds bad, but it's the truth.

Today I get an email from Sweet Gum Press.  First line I can see in my gmail inbox reads, "We like your book."  (I'd sent pages)  Unfortunately, it went on, "We are shutting down production. ... Good luck to you."  Ok, sorry for them.  More sorry for me!

--Today I cut more on Honor Thy Mother.  With all the precision of a WWI trench surgeon, I excised another 200 words.  So if me book were the protagonist in Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun, my novel just lost both legs.  

--Submitted to Blank Slate Press last night.  After meeting with the BSP team, I'm hopeful they like what they see.  Seem like a good, down to earth, crowd.  Seem like they'd be great to work with.  Hopefully my submissions don't bring with them a curse.  

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