Thursday, April 14, 2011


Congratulations goes out to Sandra Carrington-Smith for being the only follower on my blog that didn't grow up with me!  This includes myself and my best friend since the 6th grade.  Look out, this blog is going places now!

--Submitted to On Tap magazibe today!

--the page bank....uh oh.  I might be "bouncing pages" this weekend.  Way busy today.  If I don't complete my six pages this weekend, which will be a busy one, I'll owe the balance next week.  IT's hard to stay ahead and on Schedule for my August 13 finish date. 

--cut 273 words from Honor Thy Mother between today and yesterday.  Instead of picturing it as a dying WWI soldier, me the surgeon wielding a bloodied, dulled knife, (I just finished hacking off the legs last night) I've changed it up.  Now it's a contestant on that shitty show "The Biggest Loser."  I"m that loud mouthed hater that yells at the contestants (my words and overdescriptions) and tells them to get off their asses and move!  Will submit first 30 pages to The Nelson Agency this weekend!  Editing through on page 71.

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