Monday, April 25, 2011

As seen and heard by others...

--Why is it that you can sit at a table at lunch when others are busy reading newspaper, books, etc. and sit there quietly and uninterrupted. Pull out that laptop however and begin writing and everyone wants to talk to you? Seriously, as I type this, I’m being talked to. I’m still typing. He’s still talking. Seriously? I’m getting about 5% of the story. Now my phone is ringing. Just got off the phone and here he goes again! Now I’m hearing about the calories in McDonald’s food.

--Really? Got a rejection letter from an agent who liked my query and had requested fifty pages. The return letter, although not a form letter, said that she liked it. But it’s not for her. Said she enjoyed it. But it’s not a good fit. Really? Tonight, I submit.

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