Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Updated Submission Score

As I finished my last post, ironically enough, another submission tally came in (a rejection).  Since then, I've submitted to four other magazines taking my total submissions to 64.  I'll keep my ongoing score in a simple manner.  Thus far, I am:

 1 for 64.

I'd like to include sample chapters requested for my novel in my success tally but just don't feel right about doing so.  As such, the rule will be:  if sample chapters are requested, sent, and the complete manuscript is then requested, I'm counting it as a positive.  That's quite a hurdle to clear.  Plus, I need positive numbers. 

On Tuesday I returned about 12 submissions that I had been reading for Quiddity.  Of those, one was a yes for me.  Immedietly after leaving the campus I went to the post office to mail off my four submissions.  Hmm.

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