Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Open Book

For the first time in months, I'm visiting my blog and posting something new.  This is for three reasons.  No, four:  1.  I finished The Indwelling.  2.  I'm trying to not be lazy about this.  3.  I have an idea.  4.  I'm sitting here stalling off submitting. 

Which brings me to my idea.  I always meant this blog to be an honest glimpse into the proces of trying to become a published novelist.  This includes building up my writing resume by submitting not only my novels (The Indwelling and Honor Thy Mother), but also my short stories.  My intention now is to show, quite embarrassingly honestly, my failures alongside my successes.  Ever seen the film There Will Be Blood?  There will be blood.  Massive failure.  Previously, I've displayed my failures but tried to balance it out with a nugget here and there of success.  Sometimes, I had to scratch the bottom of my morale barrel to do so.  I'll still show success, small victories when I have them but am now going to give a true depiction of trying to get published.  Let's get started:

Submitted to two magazine and logged them last night.  I aim to submit to several today as well as shooting a few query letters out for Honor.  I log my submissions.  Since I started doing so in November of 2010, the score so far for 60 submissions is:  21 Rejections, 26 Awaiting Decision, 3 Prizes, 2 Writing Samples Requested (then subsequently rejected), 1 We Really Like Your Novel But Were Shutting Down, 1 Automatic Bounce Back Email as UNDELIVERABLE, 1 Out of Business, 1 Rejected Conflict of Interest (I started reading for the magazine), 2 Mysterious Results Pending (I believe I was being strung along by this publishers first line reader), 2 misc.

Here we go!    

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