Sunday, February 12, 2012

Writing: For Better or For Worse

Sometimes life gets in the way of writing, getting a divorce certainly doesn't help matters all that much.  But that's officially done end of the month.  Reading my previous post I thought, that was a good post, a good concept to show the real score when trying to get published.  Maybe I should try to keep up with that again.  But I know I won't.  If you're reading this, you're in a small class of 14 people.

But MAYBE, maybe you picked up this blog through my most recent published story, "The Delivery" in the pages of Dogwood Magazine.  And MAYBE you're like the 250th person to now follow my blog.  Or maybe not.  See what I just did there?  A writer never loses hope.  It's cancerous really.  The publication came at a perfectly needed time--I got the email of acceptance after leaving my attorney's office.  The publication came at a time I was considering taking serious time off of writing.  Having received the acceptance seemed to crack the door open again.  An acceptance of 1, wipes clean rejection of 100.  That was a month ago.  I still haven't resumed writing but know now that I will.  End of this month. 

Although that previous post was a good idea, it's not really a good idea.  It's not good to dwell on the failures.  I decided to write and put my stuff out there and for better or worse (like the vows that didn't work out well for me) it is what it is.  I'm to expect rejection and quit being a sissy about it.  I'm thankful for Dogwood's publishing my favorite short story I've written.  But most of all, I'm thankful for a shot in the arm when it was needed.  Driving home from work the other day and having my mind race through a prospective story once again was exhilarating. 

So I'm back, soon.


  1. I've found that tragedies, stress, and depressing times open up my mind to perceive more artistically (granted my comedies are non- existant). Writing is unlike life where we can not and will not survive if we receive 100 rejections for every one acceptance, but you were aware of the odds when you started. It's a passion, it's a release from the trials of every day life. Writers do it for the love of writing (then years later for the millions of $). So keep at it just for what it gives you! So what if a publisher likes 1 out of a 100? There was a 100 stories that made you smile in times that maybe smiles were rare. Keep on keeping on man.