Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I’m going to start writing another novel.  I’ve always maintained this blog as a way to vent my writing frustration.  Writing a novel can be frustrating to say the least.  I’ve always tried to show writing the way it really is (at least for me).  For example, I’ve said before that I don’t write because I have to.  In my opinion, that’s usually a bunch of sissified melodramatic crap.  “I’ll die if I don’t do this!”  Bullshit.  And that’s what I’m going to do, tell it the way I think it is.  Show the process for me.  The ups, the downs, and the downs, and the downs.  But I’m not stopping at the writing.  I’m maintaining this through the editing, the re-writing, the query letter, the synopsis, the submitting, the agent hunting, the REJECTION, the small victories—and hopefully—the biggest victory of all. 

 So, nobody, I got this idea which will accomplish two things for me.  One, it’ll compel me to, literally, put up or shut up.  Two, it’ll help me to organize my thoughts.  The unofficial third thing it just might do is allow for feedback from anyone.  It’s all welcome.  

I’m not going to go into the story all that much—it’s my story to tell.  I don’t really fear my idea getting stolen so much, it’s just my story alone to tell.  Sometimes, it will be referenced to make a point.  I can say that the novel would/will be my third.  The first—a major learning process.  The second—I truly believe in, albeit it’s a much shorter book than the first one.  This third novel—I’d like to think I’m getting it figured out.  I can also say that this story is very personal to me.  It’s not autobiographical, not exactly.  It’s straight fiction.  No aliens, monsters, or teenage vampires.  Just some white trash.

I realize this may not be read that much.  Screw you if you’re not reading this.  Get it?  I’m still going through with it.  I hope that if you’re a writer, you may find some interest in this project.  I hope if you’re interested in writing at all, you learn a bit about process.  I’ve complained before about people saying, “I got this idea for a good book I think I’ll write someday.”  Really?  It’s that easy?  No, butt-face, it’s not.

These entries won’t be perfect as I’m not spending a great deal of time proofreading, pretty much just running spell-check—I’ve got writing to do.   First post, this Sunday.


  1. I love reading. Would like to read yours. Let me know how I can meet ya to buy a copy. Im always around town....you know family visits. Reading and writing are my past times. I will fb msg you a number.
    Dr. Jamie Curry

    1. Thanks, Doc! My novella, Penitence, is available on Kindle, the preferred version of the story. This new book, first I have to knock it out of the park. I'll FB message some more info ASAP. If you want a hard copy of Penitence, I have a few left. I'll give you one.

  2. Good luck on this one, though I did lose a bet with some of the guys we used to work with. I was sure you'd do a book about teenage vampires and their puberty years. Thank you for not going there- Count Denny