Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WRITING FUNK--the idea guy

I've been in a writing funk.  Let's be honest, you, no one at all reading this, as my Confessor.  I'm not for sure what it is.  I may have an inkling of an idea.  Ideas.  That's all I have anymore.  Someone I really respect once called me an IDEA GUY--the last thing a writer ever wants to hear.  An IDEA GUY can't write.  Sure, he can think of cool shit, just can't put it to paper.  The old saying, put up or shut up comes to mind. 

I started two stories.  One, an intimate portrait of a man on his deathbed being tended to by two enemies--a true story.  The other, a freaking love story!  I was in something akin to love once a couple months back.  Ended in disaster.

Here's the thing (I hate that empty saying): I'm distracted in my "single" days, I'm not confident right now, I'm writing with the thought that it'll never see the light of day, I'm writing with disappointment in most of my former publications which (take a breath for this long sentence), which...I took like a writer whore.  I accepted publication from magazines I don't even admit to.  E-zines mostly.  Sure, I turned them down before (well, once).  So I'm all out of sorts.  Ironically, the IDEA MAN, is grappling for any idea to get him going again.  Someone has recently been kind enough to read some of this stuff that may never see the light of idea and give comments on it.  Much appreciation.  Maybe this will get me revving again.  Besides, I have a lot of ideas.


  1. Gary, I've had the pleasure of reading some of your stories and look forward to reading more. As you noted in one of your previous blogs, you pull from your life experiences and put them into the stories. Maybe you should pull a little more and write an autobiography. You're almost 40 so it could be part 1. You have more to write about than just the sad stuff. I know, I was with you for some of the fun shit. Just a thought. Tony Broccardo.

  2. Thanks, Tony. Yes, we had some fun times. A lot of those, no one would believe. Good advice. I'm afraid it'd be too boring though. I am starting a new novel that is which has, basically, me as the protagonist--just a bit amped up for the story. This can be tricky, writing about yourself as fiction. It is fiction, and it's not though. We'll see. So, I'll take your advice with the caveat that it's SORT OF autobiographical.

  3. EVERYTHING starts with an idea, sometimes creativity gives you so many ideas it's hard to focus on just one. Start it, any of them. Hell put all of them in one story (Probably be a horrific finished piece, maybe not), or just keep them as short stories. As the ideas pile up, put your faves in a book of short stories. Or sit on a car battery rigged to shock your testicles if you were to leave the desk to keep focused on one...