Sunday, November 18, 2012

Digital Publishing--No, sir, I don't like it.

It's been a good past couple of weeks writing-wise.  Found out I was published and didn't know about it.  This I can blame on two things:  I never check Submishmash for follow up because I assume I'm going to get an email or phone call if I'm wanted, two: they never emailed which they usually(no I mean always) do if your story is wanted.  It's a nice looking publication and I was paid $00.00 which is nice.  Another story, I found out was accepted as well.  I feel it's too good for their mag.  Looking at the number of acceptances they have each e-zine issue tells me the story either isn't that good or it's too good to not see paper.  I'm having a difficult time embracing the digital format.  I know it's the wave of the future and all, but I like seeing mags I was printed in on the top shelf of my bookcase--not bookmarked on my computer.  Vanity. 

My novella Penitence was introduced to the digital world.  I haven't seen a penny from Amazon yet.  I made money when it was in paper though.  After I got the rights back to it I rushed to upload it onto Amazon which, despite their advertisements, is an assload of work if you want it to look nice.  I'll have to look into not receiving any money.  According to their site, I've sold several copies and am owed my whopping .31 a copy sold.   But I'm not retiring anytime soon even if they pay me.

My buddy Benltey Little mailed me a letter last month.  In it, he responded to my bitching about the digital format.  He too doesn't seem to care for it.  He did, though, liken it to his being published in several low budget magazines which are no longer in print.  Take what you can get.  He told me to shoot for paper pubs first, then settle for digital.  I'll settle for digital with some of my stuff.  But the stuff of mine that I know is damned good will have to wait for paper. 

Here's my flash fiction story, The Numbness, published in Emerge (page 28-29):  

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